Library helps create opportunities for 11 youth

4 Jun 2012

Eleven trainees of East Kazakhstan Oblast Puskin Library’s Youth IT-Yurt service, which builds young people’s information and communication technology (ICT) and job seeking skills, have found jobs, internships and volunteer positions or are strengthening small businesses.

The programme’s most active participant, Ms Olga Starkova, completed all of the library’s courses: learning basic computing, how to create spreadsheets, how to research the internet, layout, web design and job hunting. During the training, she started a small business selling seeds and plants. She is now using her ICT skills to design and operate a website to market her produce.

Another trainee, Ms Alima Oekeneva, came to the library with good finance, computer and internet skills, but needed guidance in looking for a job. After taking courses in job application skills, video, layout and web design she created a lively CV in video format. The CV captured the attention of a bank which offered her the position of finance manager.

Another trainee, Ms Yelena Mokina, was hired by a beauty salon as a result of the library’s training. She is now designing a website for the salon.

In just five months, the library has trained 85 young people in ICT skills. Training takes place in a yurt (a traditional round tent used by Kazakh nomads) and combines learning about Kazakh traditions, culture and language with modern computer and Internet skills.

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