EIFL in Estonia

EIFL has been working in Estonia since 1999. We engaged with the development of the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET),  and through this partnership, libraries in Estonia are providing access to a wide range of scholarly e-resources.

In Estonia, EIFL has supported national and institutional open access awareness raising and advocacy workshops which resulted in the launch of open access monographs, journals, repositories for peer-reviewed publications and research data, and open access policies.

EIFL also advocated for revisions to the national copyright law to enable libraries to better meet the needs of their end users.

Library Consortium Information

Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET)
Type of members:

University libraries, public libraries and national library



EIFL-Licensed resources:

View the complete list of e-resources that have been negotiated for members of ELNET. For more information please contact the Licensing coordinator for Estonia.

Information for: Country Coordinators



EIFL started working in Estonia in 1999.


EIFL works with nine institutions in Estonia through the library consortium.



As a result of EIFL’s open access advocacy work, the Estonian Research Council now requires articles produced from publicly funded research to be made available for everyone.



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