Next Library Conference 2019
EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme team members to take part in Next Library Conference 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark

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Event Date: 02 Jun 2019 - 04 Jun 2019
Aarhus, Denmark

Ramune Petuchovaite, EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Manager, and Edvaldas Baltrunas, EIFL-PLIP Coordinator, will participate in the Next Library Conference 2019, which takes place in Aarhus’s award-winning Dokk1 library building. 

The Next Library Conference is organized by Aarhus Public Libraries in collaboration with participants, partners and sponsors. It brings together forward-thinking library professionals, innovators and decision-makers from around the world – people who are pushing boundaries and making changes that support learning in the 21st century.

Six young African public librarians selected to take part in IYALI 2019 (the Initiative for Young African Library Innovators 2019) will also participate in the conference. IYALI is an initiative of EIFL-PLIP that  aims to expose emerging public library innovators in Africa to professional learning experiences and ideas from other countries. IYALI 2019 is a partnership between EIFL and Aarhus Public Libraries.

There are four themes for Next Library Conference 2019:

  • Libraries in Times of Social Crisis;
  • Civic Media and Data Democracy;
  • Temporary Spaces, and
  • Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends.