Webinar on DSpace post-installation tasks

Learn what repository administrators and managers, information and communication technology staff and librarians need to know about DSpace post-installation tasks

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Hilton Gibson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
April 2016

Have you just set up your open access repository using DSpace free and open source software? Check out this webinar offered by EIFL, the Institute of Development Studies and Stellenbosch University about essential post-installation tasks.

Hilton Gibson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) shares practical guidelines on how to

Immediately complete the following tasks:

Complete the following tasks as soon as possible:

The tasks that could be completed at a later stage:

Nason Bimbe (Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom) provides more details about customisation: how to make the DSpace repository your own:

  • A look at the knowledge and tools needed to perform the tasks
  • Mirage theme customisation
  • Enabling OAI-PMH server
  • Implementing multilingual user interface
  • Improving discovery through search engines
  • Basic web traffic insights using Google Analytics

Just after installation it is critically important that you enable daily automated tasks for your digital archive. In order to send out subscription emails, update search, browse, full-text indexes and do general daily housekeeping on the system, a regular maintenance script must be run automatically daily. On a Unix/Linux based system this is easy to accomplish with use of the "crontab" facility...

To apply customisations, DSpace usually needs to be rebuilt, to update the Java WAR's for re-deployment by the Tomcat webapp server...

Since your repository is now the vehicle for maintaining the permanent digital academic research record of your institution, you will be concerned about its sustainability. You will want to make sure it is backed up and monitored correctly!!!

Hilton Gibson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)