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Webinars: DSpace and Google Scholar Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Phenom free and open source journal publishing platform from Hindawi Webinar 2019.
EIFL webinar: Library services to support measuring research impact Webinar 2019.
EIFL webinar: ‘Ask me anything about Dspace’ - free and open source repository software Webinar 2019.
EIFL webinar: How to talk to faculty about open access Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Google Scholar Indexing for Open Journal Systems (OJS) Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Learn about Janeway, a free, open source journal and press management platform Webinar 2019.
EIFL checklist: Good practices in using Open Journal Systems software (OJS) for journal editing and publishing Guide 2019.
EIFL webinar: How to get your articles published in academic journals Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Introduction to Coko’s modern book and journal publishing technology and community Webinar 2019.
Webinar: Learn how Digital Humanities promotes collaboration in the digital arts, humanities and cultural heritage sectors Webinar 2019.
EIFL checklist: How to make your DSpace open access repository work really well Guide 2019.
Infographic: Overview of copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives in 53 countries in Africa Case Study 2019.
Professional development for young librarians matters! An Initiative for Young African Library Innovators - IYALI Article 2019.
EIFL webinar: Technology - using Open Knowledge Maps to find relevant research literature Webinar: Technology 2019.