Public librarians’ training in Kenya
Kenya public librarians to receive training in library spaces and performance and outcome evaluation

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Event Date: 04 Mar 2019 - 06 Mar 2019
Mombasa, Kenya
Kenyan public library trainers attended performance and outcome evaluation training in November 2018. During the Mombasa training, they will pass on their knowledge and skills to other public librarians in the Kenya National Library Service network.

Seventeen public librarians from 10 libraries in the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) network will attend a three-day workshop on the topics creative use of library spaces and performance and outcome evaluation (which enables librarians to assess community needs and gather statistics about the impact of library services).

Training will be conducted by Kenyan public librarians selected to be trainers within the KNLS network of 61 public libraries as part of an EIFL-KNLS initiative to strengthen continued professional development of public librarians in Kenya.

Library spaces training (one day) will be conducted by Kaltuma Sama, KNLS/Buruburu Public Library; Margaret Mbithuka, KNLS/Kithasyu Public Library, and Patrick Mutiso, KNLS/Kinyambo Library.

Performance and Outcome Evaluation training (two days) will be conducted by Cyrus Ndogo, Jacobed Masila, Anne Magamboh and Julie Musandu, all from KNLS head office in Nairobi, and Caroline Lenosingiran from the KNLS head office/National Library Division.

This is the second of a series of workshops that will be led by newly-skilled KNLS trainers in 2019. At the end of the workshop, EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme Capacity Building Manager Susan Schnuer will work with the trainers, giving feedback and providing further coaching as needed.