Setting Quality Standards for Diamond Open Access
DIAMAS project launches the Diamond Open Access Standard (DOAS)

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The DIAMAS (Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication) project has launched the Diamond OA Standard (DOAS) tool for institutional publishers and service providers. EIFL is a partner in the DIAMAS project, and Iryna Kuchma, EIFL Open Access Programme Manager, and Milica Ševkušić, Project Coordinator for the EIFL Open Access Programme, were involved in designing the DOAS.

The DOAS combines comprehensive standards and guidelines with a self-assessment tool seeking to promote quality in Diamond open access (OA) publishing. It results from analysis of more than 70 documents (including standards, best practice guidelines and funding requirements) and research conducted within the DIAMAS project, involving the input of 300+ people from the Diamond OA publishing community in Europe. 

See the DIAMAS factsheet to learn more about the DOAS.

The DOAS Self-assessment tool is an online application that enables publishers to evaluate the compliance of their current policies and practices with the DOAS guidelines. It is openly  available to all Diamond OA publishers and service providers.