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EIFL webinar: RePol - repository policy generator - and Webinar 2021.
Digital skills for FAIR and open science: Report from the EOSC Executive Board Skills and Training Working Group Report 2021.
EIFL Strategic Plan: 2021 - 2023 Position paper & statement 2021.
Joint comments by EIFL and KLISC on Kenya’s draft policy framework for collective management organizations (CMOs) Position paper & statement 2021.
Côte d'Ivoire: EIFL recommendations for Marrakesh-friendly amendments to copyright law Position paper & statement 2020.
Webinar: Research Assessment and Bibliometrics in the Research and Academic Environment Webinar 2020.
Public Access in Libraries: Achievements and Insights from Broadband Policy Implementation Report 2020.
Meet the people benefiting from EIFL’s Copyright and Libraries Programme Brochure 2020.
Statements by EIFL at WIPO meetings (2020) Position paper & statement 2020.
Fact Sheet: Proposed US-Kenya Free Trade Agreement Position paper & statement 2020.
The Marrakesh Treaty: an EIFL Guide for Libraries (Portuguese) Guide 2020.
EIFL letter in support of South Africa's Copyright Amendment Bill, 2017 Position paper & statement 2020.
EIFL comments on Brazil’s public consultation to implement the Marrakesh Treaty for Persons with print disabilities (English) Position paper & statement 2020.
EIFL’s submission to UNESCO Global Consultation on Open Science Position paper & statement 2020.
Fostering Bibliodiversity in Scholarly Communications – A Call for Action! Position paper & statement 2020.